Clash Royale privat server

By | July 30, 2017


Joining a privat server sometimes feel very satisfying – having unlimited coins and gems. Now here’s the fact, iOS players gotta use DNS to connect to the server, while Android players can download the FHX for Clash Royale.

I thing I appreciate about FHX is that they keep the private servers updated. Unlike many other privat servers, FHX updates whenever new troops enter the arena. Android users have the sweet spot here, while iOS players struggle to join the infinite arena.

Well, let’s see some of the cons of Clash Royale privat servers.

  • Sometimes, it gets very irritating as you have nothing to earn.
  • Servers could get seriously laggy on some occasions.
  • You might get auto-disconnected (but now it’s improved).

Without further do, I’m listing down the steps for connecting to the Clash Royale privat server for both iOS and Android devices. Remember I said, it might not work for iOS devices but this runs flawlessly on Android (I use Blusetacks which is technically the best Android emulator for PC). But the thing to keep in mind: you need a rooted Android device!

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